No glue is needed for its application. They stick on almost any surface, just peel off the paper from the back and apply to object. It is important that the Pewter Accents be placed on a clean surface. If applied on glass, it is advisable to clean the surface with alcohol prior to the application. Pewter Accents are soft and bendable; they take the shape of the object on which they are applied to. Pewter Accents can be cut with scissors. Pewter Accents are permanent and will not peel off after two days.

Price List

Pricing is based on the size of the item, with 0 being the smallest and 13 being the largest size.  
The size is the second element of the stock number.  For example, stock number: 

F   =  The design category; in this example, F is for Floral
4   =  The size of the item; in this example, the size is 4
09   =  The item number within the design category; in this example, item 09 in the Floral category.

Pewter AccentsTM may be ordered in bulk or packaged, ready for sale.  
We have two packages; the single package includes 1 or 2 items, depending on size, and a colorful descriptive card.  
Sizes 0 - 3 are packed 2 to a package, sizes 4 - 9 are 1 to a package.  Larger sizes are not available in packages.  

In the second package there are 12 pieces of each item in a clear box and colorful card for instructions. 

A single, Counter-top, Easel-back Display Rack is available at no charge with the purchase of an assortment.  
Request the Display Rack on the Order Form.

 Bulk Prices are per Dozen  
-------------  Bulk -------------
Size    No.               Price 
0                         $5.95   
1                         $6.96
2                         $7.20
3                         $9.60
4                         $11.60
5                         $13.08
6                         $14.40
7                         $15.10
8                         $17.60
9                         $22.80
10                        $25.20
11                        $27.15
12                        $42.00
13                        $48.85