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Workshops & Seminars

Our workshops and seminars are very demanded. Rosemary has been teaching many artists and students the Art of Silk Painting and Fabric Decoration. Students have come to learn from as far as Japan, Pakistan, Iran, Argentina, and Mexico to name a few. Rosemary has also taught to the employees of many factories in the US or abroad. It is important to learn from a knowledgeable person the correct way of how to! We are proud that we have been able to teach and help our students to become successful business owners.


Create Your Own Unique Jewelry
These “semi-finished” jewelry findings make it easy to make your own original and attractive jewelry. Your artwork creates the finishing touch! Embellish your findings with: Treasured or antique fabrics, Hand-painted Silks, Fimo clay designs, paintings on paper, Wood veneer mosaics, Glass mosaics, Photographs or copies of photos, Gold, Silver or Copper leaf, Enamels, Beaded designs, Embroidery, Needlepoint, Ribbon embroidery and More!

Pewter Accents

Peel & Stick Bendable Art
Pewter Accents are used for embellishment. They are made of pure pewter, lead free and bendable. Pewter Accents come in their original dark or light gray color. Pewter Accents are also available in gold, silver, antique gold and brass by special order. Paint with pearl paint nail polish, glass or enamel paints if desired. Each Pewter Accents sticker has a strong adhesive backing. This adhesive is very resistant to heat, washing and time.


Some customers and especially stores prefer to introduce a product or try it first with a kit. So we have many kits available for you. For example the Introduction Marbling Kit has been very successful for many years in the USA as well as abroad. Because with such a small kit, one can achieve to create amazing results.

Silk Blanks & Silk Painting

Silk painting is fun, artistic & relaxing. It can be used as a medium for serious artists, crafts or hobbyist. What is the finished product used for? It is used as art pieces, for fashion and interior designs, accessories, jewelry, hobby and etc. This is a very therapeutic and relaxing art. We carry the complete line of silk painting supplies, and the A grade silk scarves and blanks.

Marbling & Water Art

Marbling is a great fun! It’s easy to learn and easy to master! You can create beautiful, colorful designs on any absorbent surface- Papers, tennis shoes, business cards, feathers, wooden boxes, scarves & ceramic flower pots, Just to name a few you might want to try! We have all the supplies and two very amazing kits.


This is an old art that its main result is obtained by using the melted wax and colors. We carry the complete line of Batik supplies our Rocco wax is demanded by all batik painters. You can paint as art pieces or for fashion and interior design and etc.


This is the complete catalog of the line of products that we carry, with a very useful tips and product information. It is advised that before purchasing to read the information about the product. However the prices are not in the catalog and each item’s price will be inside its section. For example: you will read the necessary information about silk, and silk scarves but you will find the price inside the box Silk Blanks and silk painting.

Lico Publishing

Rosemary Cohen, Ph.D.

Dr. Rosemary Cohen is the successful owner of Atelier de Paris, a textile arts supply manufacturer and importer. Rosemary has been a professional artist and well known for her work and knowledge in the field for over 30 years. Her works have been exhibited in Asia, Europe and America and is in many private collections. With her long years of experience, she has become a leading consultant in color and dye applications on surface design techniques for textiles. Rosemary has taught in many art organizations around the country and in City Colleges. She has trained many employees of diverse factories in the U.S. as well as abroad.

In addition to her art and teaching, she has designed textiles for diverse TV & movie studios, famous Beverly Hills boutiques and clothing companies. Dr. Cohen has a doctorate degree in sociology from Sorbonne-Paris, as well as an art degree. She is the author of many award winning books. Her pattern designs, magazine articles and instructional videos have been published in the U.S. as well as abroad. She has been featured in many TV programs such as NBC, HGTV and more. Rosemary has taught many artists and professionals to discover and learn the art of silk painting. She especially enjoys helping her customers and students and sees them as successful manufacturers and renowned artists.